HR admin and functions made easy!

HR - Payroll - Time - Benefits - Hiring - Engagement & Performance - Training - LMS - Data 

Often Small employers delegate the HR functions to staff responsible for other tasks.

HR admin is essential to the well-being of your Company, lack of it exposes you to a series of possible risks and penalties.

Working with us as a progressive Mid-Market employer focused on growth, you will have access to a top-rated fully functional HR platform that can be run by one staff member, spending less than 4 hours a week in most cases. 

This Platform will digitally connect to all the major Payroll software and Insurance carriers and administer your benefits offering with tons of reporting options, perform your onboarding/open enrollment, improved employees' engagement, give you performance analysis, and fully manage your compliance requirement and reporting. This platform is not FREE, but we pick up the cost typically $398/month, we have a unique relationship that can lower that and even be complimentary if a Company qualifies. Let's have a discussion to see your level of qualification and needs.