Frequently asked questions

​Medicare does not pay all expenses, what choices do you have?

Medicare supplement pay all expenses and let you access to all providers accepting Medicare, the Advantage plans pays all expenses but limits you to their Network of Providers.

Is Individual Medical Insurance is expensive?

Since Obamacare has become too expensive for most folks several options are now available if you qualify at a fraction of the price
Small Employer find it difficult to compete in the benefit world of today… but if you account for the cost of recruiting, training, and developing employees, offering employee benefits may be cheaper in the long run.

Why are Employees so interested in Benefits?

In A National small employer survey 72% of employees say they would pass on a pay raise to get better Benefits.

As a Small employer are you aware of the regulations and requirements of the Erisa Law, the ACA compliance and the IRS reporting?

If you are not you may be at risk of large fines. As a small employer offering benefits usually means having to Hire a dedicated HR person! Your Insurance broker should install a complimentary HR platform to manage all employee benefits and cover all the HR Function including the compliance and regulatory reporting.

What Employee benefits should you offer?

Basic Medical, Dental and Vision, but employees really like Voluntary benefit like…Short and Long term disability, critical Illness, ID Theft and pet insurance.