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  • ​Is it logical for a small employer to Automate their HR functions?
    The business world has changed! Employees now work increasingly remotely. With the increase in new rules and regulations compliance no longer a luxury Offering Employee Benefits does not fit the cookie cutter narratives. Health Care is not getting cheaper, and therefore an employer must think creatively to produce Benefits that employee's want. Your Benefit options should promote recruiting & retention. Your Benefit options should address budget demands. Using HR automation can address those issues and prevent errors, fines, and penalties...
  • Is it possible to Automate your AP methods of payment (ACH, Checks, FX, International etc.) and make this account function revenue producing?
    Automation of your Account Payable and adding a virtual card payment will now generate monthly residual income...
  • Why are Employees so interested in Benefits?
    In A National Small Employer survey 72% of employees say they would pass on a pay raise to get better Benefits.
  • For several employers Retention and Recruiting is crucial!
    Is it possible to improve retention by 30% without any cost to your Company?
  • What Employee Benefits should you offer?
    Besides the obvious Medical, Dental and Vision, Short- and Long-term disability in now a standard offering for many Small Employer. Unique brands of coverage now are emerging that improve the Benefit offering to employees but more importantly offer added revenue to the employer. Since the pandemic, an array of mental Issues has emerged, new approved ACA (affordable Care Act) solutions are available, Example the WELLNESS PLAN covering various therapy assistance, and mental issues treatment source and more. This ACA acceptance program allows you, the Employer, to offer this free benefit to employees pre-Tax resulting in substantial FICA tax reduction. some employers with 25 to 90 employees are saving in excess of $ 26,900 a year if FICA tax and increase the net take home pay for employee by a stunning 2.9% to 4.5%
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