HR platform & ACA IRS compliance

The Brokerage Agency was established in 1993 to serve the Small & Mid-Market Employee’s Benefit and offer digital HR solutions. We have relationships with the top 25 Insurance Carriers…

Say goodbye to errors, leakage, ACA & IRS compliance issues, fines, improper tax payments, PTO and time tracking error costs. As an Employers you may have challenges with HR functions, Payroll integration, Managing employee’s enrollment, benefits & engagement…

Our service and consultancy we offer present and prospective clients with a complimentary Employee Benefits Evaluation and the EASE HR Platform which automates compliance tasks, government fillings, built-in safeguards to prevent accidental mistake, and administers all your HR functions including Payroll integration.

Of course! Our agency sells Employee Benefits, but our goal is to establish Relationships and Trust. We hope once you experience our service and expertise that eventually you will allow us to provide you with recommendations best for your business needs.

The EASE platform will require a few hours a week to manage, no need for a dedicated HR person the software is your HR expert and will do most of the processing for you.

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P.S. — Tired of chasing down enrollment and onboarding forms? Wish that new employees could get insurance cards more quickly? Integrate your payroll with one click? Better communicate with your employees and evaluate your management process for better Engagement.